Photography, Style, Visual design

The creative process often looks very intuitive and organic, but it's composed of a series of thousands of decisions often happening on a subconscious level. The big creative moments tend to get all the attention, but many of the smaller ones have profound impacts on the final product. I bring to the table a comprehensive vision informed by experience, confidence, and an unrelenting eye for details that all too often pass unnoticed. The good is the enemy of the best - I am a monomaniac devoted to making cool things that matter, working with a great team, and demanding pleasure while doing so.

Let's go for a drive.

In Arabica Veritas: the third wave breaks through

These wireframes are for an app I developed with a small team of talented coffee industry professionals to take coffee and wine tasting to the next level, within the context of social media. Terroir allows you to rate coffee and wine on a sophisticated graph that allows for amazing complexity and metrics integration. Then, share your results with others and see where you stack up, and keep detailed analysis of your favorite coffees over time. The idea behind this was to do away with the 5 star rating system, which is woefully inadequate for evaluating such intricate and subtle things as coffee and wine. 

My First Summer in the Sierra

While there is no shortage of apps that track our activities and crunch fitness data into convenient, bite-sized pie graphs, there has heretofore not been an app aimed at collecting trail "beta", and helping people slow down to experience the wilderness. The idea behind the John Muir Companion is to slow down, not speed up. With decreased budgets for National Park and National Forest services such as trial maintenance and ranger patrols, this app crowdsources trail maintenance to its users in hopes of providing better backcountry experiences for everyone. Stay in touch with detailed offline maps featuring GLONASS satellite technology, helping you stay safe and keeping your loved ones informed of your whereabouts. Plan your routes from a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike to a day trip out to Cloud's Rest. This app is designed to help you experience the wilderness John Muir himself would approve of!


I love working with people capturing raw, unadulterated emotion and energy. Here are some recent selections:



I Art directed and served as the principal cinematographer for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, behind-the-scenes from 2009-2011. I directed a crew of camera and sound experts to capture the behind-the-scenes footage of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion shows in New York, Miami, and Ohio. Under the extreme pressure of live tv, we were able to successfully document the inner workings of the most recognizable lingerie brand in the world with 6.1 billion USD in annual sales (2013).
I was also charged with documenting the event using multiple HD camera setups and a run-and-gun approach, with a sound crew, jib, and steady cam setup. The event is held live in a different location every year, so each new venue presents different logistical challenges including lighting, set design, electrical, and of course, celebrity personalities.