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I spend over half my time working on landing pages and web design to improve our conversion rates. I am happy to share some additonal, more detailed flows with you in person if you'd like to hear more about my process, but in these examples we've had success linking Search ads for one of our special partners with these carefully target pages



I design emails for the company's drip campaigns and business development teams. Click-thru rates are key, and I'm always optimizing them based on the response and sales rate. Life insurance is a very complex product that is heavily regulated, so there's always a lot of collaboration between our content, legal, and marketing teams to ensure we're compliant with federal law yet communicate effectively.



I produce the company's display ads for Google, Facebook, Apple News, Nextdoor and all other external channels. More importantly, I manage all our ads performance and report a dashboard to our creative director who adjusts targeting accordingly. We've been so successful in our digital advertising acquisition costs have dropped 4-7x in the last year and a half.



I currently design direct mail pieces that hit as many as 250,000 homes a week - I help to dial in the messaging and design to prospective clients so as to maximize leads and sales. Using the language of design, my goal is to induce intent - since life insurance is not mandatory [like health insurance is] the friction to buy is much greater, so creating a sense of urgency is key. Simple but not easy! Because of the huge cost of a direct mail program great care is taken in saying exactly what we want in precisely the right way and making iterative changes over time.